Avon has a timely baseball history, which our old-school ball park deserves to carry on. Amateur baseball in Avon was put to rest in 1993, when the Avon Mets played their final season. In the summer of 2011, the re-birth of amateur baseball will be back in Avon!

What is a Bard you ask? Those of you up on your Avon school history know that Avon has not always been the mighty Pirates. Dated back to the early 1940's, Avon was known as the Bards. For you history buffs, Shakespeare was a famous bard who hailed from the Avon River. Although a bard, or traveling lyrical singing poet, may not be the most ferocious of  mascots, the new team wanted to have their name capture some of the Avon mystique.


News Updates

 The Bard's inaugural season came to an end with a loss during district play.  Thank you to all of our fans and families for all of the support.  We'll see you next year at the ball park!