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Career & Technical Education Parent Survey

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Action Plan for Schools

Staff and Students if you need access to any
of the office programs go to the
following website.

Use your state email and login to access it.

Schedule for students in grades 3-12 to gather their supplies and clean out their lockers on May 12. Each group will have 15 minutes. Only students should be coming into the building to keep our numbers down. They will enter through the main entry and leave through the Northwest door. They should bring a bag.
Students in grades 3 and 4 will have things in their cubby or crate which will be located outside of the classroom in the 2nd floor hallway. Any books that students need to return in these grades can be left in their cubby or crate.
Students in grades 5-6 will clean out their lockers and leave any books they are returning in their lockers.
Students in grades 7-12 will clean out their lockers and return books to the classrooms and put them in the assigned area. Those who have checked out laptops will need to return them. Please note, there could be awards in lockers as we were unable to hold our Awards Banquet.
Families that were provided a laptop during this time of flex learning should send the computer and cord back to school on this day.
Families can come in using the alphabetical schedule provided. In cases of blended families, we are encouraging families to come at the earlier time according to the last name as we do not expect families to make multiple trips in.
8:30  A – B
8:45  C – D
9:00  E – G
9:15  H – J
9:30  K – L
9:45  M
10:00  N – P
10:15  R
10:30  S
10:45  T
11:00  V
11:15  W - Z

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The mission of Avon School is to ensure that all students successfully reach their potential.

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